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What We Do

We offer creative learning sessions for individuals, groups and schools within the East Riding, York, Humber and wider Yorkshire/North/North East Lincolnshire area.  Our sessions provide the opportunity to explore creative processes in-depth and learn new techniques whilst taking inspiration from creative sources to create your own original and visually exciting artwork. Whether you are a beginner looking to start your exploration journey, or a more experienced artist looking to expand your skill-set, we can offer you a package that allows you the opportunity to develop and learn. Our sessions are aimed at learners of all ages from children to adults. We provide sessions for community classes, schools workshops, school CPD packages, corporate events and packages and community art project sessions. Whether your needs are to teach or learn new skills, improve well-being, offer greater creative access or just to enjoy, we can provide a package to suit your needs. Our sessions offer the opportunity to learn and explore creativity in ways that they may not normally be able to access. We strongly believe in empowering learners to sustain creative activities at home or school. 

We aim to engage in multiple community arts projects that will embrace varied creative activities and encourage a wider participation in visual arts. Whether planning, organising or participating in projects, we offer creative and engaging activities that help to connect communities, challenge perceptions, engage those who might not normally engage with the arts and reach those who face barriers to participation. We pride ourselves on our ability to use of extensive teaching experience to deliver realistic and achievable projects that inspire and excite.

Creating a new fashion. Sewing Process -
Print rollers in an artist's studio work
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Our Mission Statements

  • To boost the creative learning provision in the East Riding, Yorkshire and York area

  • To create safe, supportive and creative environments within local communities

  • To teach the value of creativity and how it can be translated into many future opportunities

  • To promote enterprise within creativity

  • To promote creativity and provide contemporary workshops using equipment and facilities that schools or communities may not currently have access to

  • To provide creative learning opportunities to all, including older children and teenagers, a currently under-provided market for creative extra-curricular activities

  • To improve mental wellbeing with the power of creativity

  • To promote creativity within schools and colleges and contribute to an increase of creative opportunities

  • To encourage and achieve a wider participation in community arts projects within East Riding, York, Humber and surrounding areas. 

  • To use business profits to further enhance our creative offer within our community, to provide greater access to the arts within the community and to reach those within our community who may not normally have access to visual arts. 



With our industrial and teaching experience, we can provide structured sessions alongside opportunity for free creative experimentation. Our sessions are fully transportable, ensuring that we can bring our specialist equipment and resources to a venue accessible to you. We run sessions at various times and locations to suit, whether that is a community class, a school workshop,  a creative session offered within the private sector. or a community arts project. We can work in your venue or in a hired venue to suit your needs.  Our sessions are competitively priced whilst providing learners with the quality materials and equipment required to achieve professional results. We are fully DBS checked and insured. 

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