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A Community Arts Project by Thread and Press CIC and funded through the Local Connections Fund provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and in Partnership with the National Lottery Community Fund. Tackling Isolation and Disconnection in Hull in a friendly sewing online community.


Together We Sew
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What is the Together We Sew Project?

Together We Sew is a sewing project that aims to reduce feelings of isolation and disconnection between people in the Hull area and promote positive mental health in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The project will provide a series of FREE online sewing sessions for participants.

These sessions will provide structured, small projects that are suitable for beginners, to allow participants to engage in a safe, creative and rewarding project with other like-minded people across the Hull community. The sessions will run as hand sewing or machine sewing options. We will provide a kit of materials by post and live online instructions will be provided by an experienced and qualified teacher.

Project Aims

Our project aims connect people from the Hull area, targeting those who are isolated and have limited social interaction. The project will allow them to share their stories and their interest and skills in sewing, without the need to leave their home. This project will provide opportunity to meet new people and will encourage and enable participation in sewing activities after the sessions have finished.

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Option A: Machine Sew a Top

5 weekly sessions starting Wednesday 3rd March 2021:  9.30am - 12 noon

Dates: Wednesday 3rd March, Wednesday 10th March, Wednesday 17th March,

Wednesday 24th March, Wednesday 31st March (dates are fixed and cannot be changed)

In this exciting workshop, we will teach all participants how to make a top using a pattern. From learning about a sewing machine, to creating a constructed outcome, we will guide participants through all stages. This session is suitable for absolute beginners or those with prior experience using a machine. We will provide a structured project for a simple top and all materials are included. We do not provide sewing machines so you will need to provide your own sewing machine in good working order. We will guide participants through the stages of constructing an outcome, with the option of learning about embellishments or adding finishing touches.

This session is suitable for:

  • Adults

  • Those who can provide their own sewing machine in good working order

  • Those at risk of social isolation

  • Those at risk of impact to their mental health as a consequence of Covid-19

  • Those living in the Hull Local Authority area

You will get:

  • Live tuition

  • Fabric

  • Pattern

  • Pins

  • Tape Measure

  • Scissors

  • Stitch unpicker

  • One-to-one support

You will need:

  • Sewing machine

  • Internet connection with Zoom access

  • A workspace

If you wish to enquire or book this course, please fill in the contact form below as soon as possible and choose Option A.

Three Buttons

Option B: Hand Sew a Bag

5 weekly sessions starting Wednesday 3rd March 2021:  1pm - 3.30pm

Dates: Wednesday 3rd March, Wednesday 10th March, Wednesday 17th March,

Wednesday 24th March, Wednesday 31st March (dates are fixed and cannot be changed)

In these sessions we will teach participants how to hand sew and make a shoulder bag. From learning about types of hand stitches, to creating a constructed bag outcome, we will guide the participants through all stages. This session will be suitable for absolute beginners or those with prior sewing experience. We will provide a structured project for an outcome and all patterns and basic materials are included. We will also provide the option of learning about embellishments or adding finishing touches.

This session is suitable for:

  • Adults

  • Those with little, some or no prior sewing experience

  • Those at risk of social isolation

  • Those at risk of impact to their mental health as a consequence of Covid-19

  • Those living in the Hull Local Authority area

You will get:

  • Live tuition

  • Fabric

  • Pattern

  • Pins

  • Needles

  • Threaders

  • Scissors

  • Stitch unpicker

  • One-to-one support

You will need:

  • Internet connection with Zoom access

  • A workspace

If you wish to enquire or book this course, please fill in the contact form below as soon as possible and choose Option B.

Places for these sessions are strictly limited to 10 people per session. Sessions can only be booked in full blocks of 5 and attendance is required to each session. Please only book if you feel you are able to commit to all sessions. It is important that you read the terms and conditions in full before booking. 

Terms and Conditions


updated 17.02.21

Bookings are taken on a first-come-first served basis although we reserve the right to offer priority to those who meet our project criteria (please read project listing in full). We also reserve the right to establish contact by phone or email before any booking confirmation can be agreed.  

Places are only available to those who reside in the Hull Local Authority area to meet the requirements of our funding offer. If we believe that the information given is false, we reserve the right to withdraw any places offered. 


Images used to describe courses are for illustration purposes only and may not reflect the exact outcome produced.  

Bookings are limited to one per household. These sessions are for adults aged 18+. This project is available to adults with permanent residence in the Local Authority area of Hull. 

Attendance on this course does not affect your rights to attend any other of our sessions, but we do limit participants to one option for this project. 

Online classes will require access to an internet connection and Zoom. We will provide a Zoom code to all participants prior to the course start date. We cannot repeat any sessions in the event of a failed internet connection or issues beyond the control of Thread and Press CIC. 

We request that all booking requests fill in the enquiry forms in full. If you do not submit the information required we may be unable to send you a kit (online courses).

If you book a place, you are confirming that you have every intention to attend the course. Places are limited and if you do not attend, the place is restricted from use by another. Attendance is required to all sessions (within reason, we appreciate illness and other unexpected factors can affect attendance) so please only book if you can commit to all sessions and have the intention of attending.  We fully appreciate that circumstances can change, and if you change your mind about attending please let us know at the earliest opportunity so we can offer the place elsewhere. PLEASE ONLY BOOK A PLACE IF YOU AGREE TO COMMIT TO ATTENDING TO YOUR BEST KNOWLEDGE. 

Sessions are funded through the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and The National Lottery Community Fund and are entirely free to participate. Sewing machine sessions (Option A) will require you to have access to your own sewing machine, we cannot provide this.  

Places are strictly limited in number and we cannot change our allocation. 

We may ask to use photos of your work to share and promote out project. We would always seek permission from you to do this. We would not use a photo of your image or share any personal details without your prior verbal or written consent. 

When completing the booking form, please ensure you provide up-to-date contact and address details. We cannot accept any responsibility for issues that arise if this information is not correct. 

The dates for the sessions are fixed and cannot be changed or extended. We may offer one-to-one support outside session times, at our discretion.

We provide a kit which is for your use in the sessions only and should not be sold or exchanged for any other purpose. We are happy for you to keep what we provide or you can choose to return any equipment to us, we can provide an address on request. This course has no monetary value and cannot be exchanged, sold or passed on to another participant. The session is for the person booked on the booking form only and we cannot allow any transfer of places not authorised by ourselves. All cancellations will go through our organisation. Resources are given to you for use in our sessions. We do not expect you to return any materials or equipment provided in online sessions. If you receive a kit and then choose not to to attend any of your sessions we reserve the right to ask that this kit is returned to us in full working order. 

You will be provided with a Zoom code, these details should not be shared with anyone else. 

By attending one of our sessions, you agree to completion of the tasks set to the best of your ability and that you will complete a short evaluation at the end of the session, either by email, by Surveymonkey, on paper or by sound recording. Evaluation is important for our project so that we can determine the impact the project has had and whether objectives have been met.

When operating machinery in our sessions, we ask that you ensure all machinery is in good working order when using them in our sessions. We take no responsibility for any injury caused when using a machine in our online sessions. We ask that you follow instructions as provided by our experienced staff. ​​​​

Other Information

Our courses will run as supervised by our staff. Our staff have an Enhanced DBS certificates, a Paediatric First Aid qualification and we are fully insured. We are trained in Safeguarding and our Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Sarah Rands. 

In the event of any Safeguarding queries, please contact Sarah Rands at Our Safeguarding policies can be seen on request. 

We provide materials and equipment unless specified otherwise. 

We will do our best to accommodate all learning needs. Please ensure you make us aware of any special needs, learning needs or learning requirements at the time of booking. We will not discriminate against anyone and welcome all learners providing you feel you are able to access and use the equipment required. Some sessions may have specific requirements and we would always discuss these with you prior to the course. If you wish to have someone present for a supporting role, please let us know at the time of booking.

Online Safety Policy

Updated 17.02.21

Our aims are to protect all children, young people and adults involved in our organisation and who make use of technology (such as mobile phones, games consoles and the internet) while using our services.

We also aim to provide staff and volunteers with policy and procedure information regarding online safety and inform them how to respond to incidents. We also aim to ensure our organisation is operating in line with our values and within the law regrading how we behave online.

As part of using the internet and social media, our organisation will:

  • understand the safety aspects - including what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour for staff and children - when using websites, social media, apps and other forms of digital communication

  • be aware that it doesn't matter what device is being used for digital interaction, but that the same safety aspects apply whether it is a computer, mobile phone or game console

  • when using social media platforms, ensure that we adhere to relevant legislation and good practice

  • regularly review existing safeguarding policies and procedures to ensure that online safeguarding issues are fully integrated, including:

    • making sure concerns of abuse or disclosures that take place online are written into our reporting procedures (See our Adult and Children's safeguarding policies)​

    • incorporating online bullying ('cyberbullying') into our anti-bullying policy (See our Anti-bullying policy)

  • provide training for the person responsible for managing our organisation's online presence

Managing Our Online Presence

Our online presence through our website or social media platforms will adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All social media accounts will be password-protected, and at least 2 members of staff will have access to each account and password and
    the account will be monitored by a designated person or persons

  • The designated person managing our online presence will seek advice from our designated safeguarding lead to advise on safety requirements

  • A designated person will remove any inappropriate posts, explaining why, and informing anyone who may have been affected

  • Any social media groups will be set to private

  • Any adult-only groups shall be monitored to ensure that we do not admit members under 18 for safeguarding purposes

  • We will not contact children directly through our social media pages or platforms. The only exception would be a children's social media group. Children would only be admitted to this group with permission from parents and must adhere to social media age restrictions. 

  • We will never publish a child or adult's personal information online, including address, school name or telephone number. We may publish a photo or name but only with the permission of the adult, carer or parent. 

  • Any posts or comments will be consistent with our aims

  • We'll make sure children, young people and adults are aware of who manages our social media accounts and who to contact if they have any concerns

  • Parents will be asked to give permission and approval for us to contact children directly through any social media account or group, or by any other means of communication outside a specified and booked Online session.

  • Parents will be asked and must give written permission for photos or videos of their child to be used by us in any online or printed format. We would also ask any adult for their permission before using photos or videos online. 

  • All of our accounts and email addresses will be appropriate and fit for purpose


Our Zoom Policy

Our online sessions are run through a licensed Zoom account. We provide Zoom meetings links and a passcode. Sessions can only be accessed with this link.

Staff and participants should never share these codes with anyone else.

Children's sessions will have a unique link and passcode for each session. 

We do not allow screen shares for participants (only staff) in our children's sessions

We reserve the right to remove any participants of behaviour is inappropriate

We do not allow any recording of our Zoom sessions, unless by the host and only with permission from all participants

Any recorded footage provided by staff  should not be shared with anyone outside of the session.

We ask that participants turn their cameras on for our sessions. Refusal to turn on a camera for introductions in our children's sessions may result in a place being terminated. Tis is simply to register and verify participants. 

We ask that participants do not share any personal information in our sessions. 

The host will end the call for all participants at the end of the session. 

The host will ask participants to join a waiting room at the start of the call and the host will admit participants. 

We ask that, if possible, participants change their screen name to match the participant's name. 

We do not tolerate any bullying online or otherwise. Please see our Anti-bullying policy

What We Expect from Staff (including Volunteers

  • All staff will be aware of this policy and behave in accordance 

  • All staff communicating to children or vulnerable adults online will have an up-t-date Enhanced DBS check. 

  • Staff will seek the advice of the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Sarah Rands) if they have any concerns about the use of the internet or social media

  • Staff should communicate any messages that they wish to send out to children, young people or vulnerable adults to the designated person responsible for the organisation's online presence (Holly Davis)

  • Staff will not friend or follow children, young people or vulnerable adults from personal accounts on social media, or from personal email addresses or by private messages

  • Staff will make sure any content posted is appropriate for the age forum of the group and for all ages when posted in the public domain

  • Staff should refrain from communicating with parents through personal social media accounts wherever possible, and refer to formal communication methods using an organisation's email address, social media account or by telephone. 

  • Staff will never contact children, young people or vulnerable adults directly by telephone.

  • If staff need to contact children via email, we would only do so with parents permission and we will copy at least one other member of staff into any emails sent. 

  • Staff will never contact children or young people directly outside of normal office hours

  • Emails and contact will be signed off in an an appropriate and formal manner

  • Any disclosures of abuse reported through social media will be dealt with in the same way as any face-t-face disclosure, according to our reporting procedures (see our Adult and Children's Safeguarding Policy)

  • Smartphones will be used appropriately and will not be used to record any images or share any content without the permission of parents/carers. Content shared would meet our guidelines for appropriate content.

  • Staff and young people would never engage in any inappropriate contact via online or other means.

What We Expect of Young People and Adults

  • Adults and children should be made aware of this safety policy and agree to its terms before signing up to our courses

  • We expect children, young people and adults' behaviour online to be consistent with these guidelines when using our services. 

  • Bookings for our sessions should be made only by an parent/guardian or carer with parental authority. 

Using Mobile Phones

  • Staff will not keep  children's or young people's phone numbers and will make all telephone contact through a parent, guardian or carer.

  • We would always seek parental permission if we need to contact children directly

  • In the event of contact being made to a child with parent permission, a copy of all communication will be kept and provided to our organisation and provided to parents or guardians at their request. The purpose for any contact will always be made evident. 

  • If any child or young person makes contact with one of our members of staff via mobile phone (or other online device) we will either:

    • end the conversation and cease reply​

    • suggest contacting the matter in a face-to-face or parental authorised event

    • if we are concerned for the child's welfare we will refer to the Designated Safeguarding Lead (Sarah Rands) 

  • We ask parents to advise children and that adults in our sessions follow the following when in our sessions:

    • that mobile phones or recording devices should NOT be used in our sessions, online or otherwise. They should not be used for taking photos or videos in the session, sharing information from the session (whilst the session is in progress) or for communicating any information about others within the session

    • That the use of mobile phones during a taught session would be considered inappropriate for children and we encourage children to only bring mobile phones to sessions for emergency use only

    • We do not tolerate any bullying or discrimination, including that by mobile phone or other deice. Please see our Anti-bullying policy.

Use of Other Digital Devices and Programmes

The principles in this policy apply not matter which current or future technology is used including computers, laptops, tablets, web-enabled games consoles and smart TVs - and whether an app, programme or website is used. 

If any digital devices are used as part of activities within the organisation:

  • we expect children and young people to adhere to the guidelines above

  • we will ensure all staff adhere to the guidelines above

Other documentation

You can access our other policy documents here:

Equality and Diversity Policy

Health and Sadfety Policy

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy will explain how our organisation (Thread and Press CIC) uses the personal data we collect from you when you use our website or provide booking information.

What data do we collect?

We receive, collect and store any information you enter on our website or provide us in any other way. In addition, we collect the Internet protocol (IP) address used to connect your computer to the Internet; login; e-mail address; password; computer and connection information and purchase history. We may use software tools to measure and collect session information, including page response times, length of visits to certain pages, page interaction information, and methods used to browse away from the page. We also collect personally identifiable information (including name, email, communications); comments, feedback, product reviews, recommendations, and personal profile.

How do we collect your data?

You directly provide Thread and Press with most of the data we collect. We collect data and process data when you:

  • Register interest in a booking or complete a booking form for any of our products or services.

  • Voluntarily complete a customer survey or provide feedback on any of our message boards or via email.

  • Voluntarily provide us with your name (optional) and email address to sign up to our newslettter.

  • Use or view our website via your browser’s cookies.

When you conduct a transaction on our website, as part of the process, we collect personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address. Your personal information will be used for the specific reasons stated above only.

How will we use your data?

We collect such Non-personal and Personal Information for the following purposes:

  1. To provide and operate the Services;

  2. To provide our Users with ongoing customer assistance and technical support;

  3. To be able to contact our Visitors and Users with general or personalized service-related notices and promotional messages;

  4. To create aggregated statistical data and other aggregated and/or inferred Non-personal Information, which we or our business partners may use to provide and improve our respective services; 

  5. To comply with any applicable laws and regulations.

We might:​

  • Email you with special offers on other products and services we think you might like (if you subscribe to our newsletter)

  • If you give us permission, we may use data to promote our website or organisation. We will always seek individual permission before doing this.


We will not share your data with third party individuals or organisations.  


How do we store your data?

Our company is hosted on the platform. provides us with the online platform that allows us to sell our products and services to you. Your data may be stored through’s data storage, databases and the general applications. They store your data on secure servers behind a firewall. 

Our Company securely stores your booking contact data at our business premises. We may also take emergency contact phone numbers in a safe folder to our sessions. We also store any booking forms received digitally in an encrypted digital folder. Our Company will keep your booking data in digital and paper data for the duration of your bookings and for a period of 6 months after this date (unless Government guidance and policy changes), with the exception of data collected in an accident book which will be kept for a duration as per UK guidelines. Once this time period has expired, we will delete digital data safely and destroy paper data.

How do we contact you?

We may contact you to notify you regarding your booking, to troubleshoot problems with your booking, to resolve a dispute, to collect fees or monies owed, to poll your opinions through surveys or questionnaires, to send updates about our company, or as otherwise necessary to contact you to enforce our User Agreement, applicable national laws, and any agreement we may have with you. For these purposes we may contact you via email, telephone, text messages, and postal mail.


Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard Internet log information and visitor behaviour information. When you visit our websites, we may collect information from you automatically through cookies or similar technology. For further information, visit We host out website with Wix use cookies for the operation of their website. To find out about which cookies Wix uses, please see this useful link.


How do we use cookies?

Our Company uses cookies in a range of ways to improve your experience on our website, including:

  • Keeping you signed in

  • Understanding how you use our website


How can you manage cookies?

You can set your browser not to accept cookies, and the above website tells you how to remove cookies from your browser. However, in a few cases, some of our website features may not function as a result.

Privacy policies of other websites

The Thread and Press website contains links to other websites. Our privacy policy applies only to our website, so if you click on a link to another website, you should read their privacy policy. Our Company keeps its privacy policy under regular review and places any updates on this web page. This privacy policy was last updated on 13th July 2020.



Our Company would like to send you information about products and services of ours that we think you might like. You can receive this by signing up to our newsletter or by ticking the relevant option on our booking form.

If you have agreed to receive marketing, you may always opt out at a later date or unsubscribe to our newsletter at any time.

You have the right at any time to stop Thread and Press from contacting you for marketing purposes.

If you no longer wish to be contacted for marketing purposes, please click here.


What are your data protection rights?

Thread and Press would like to make sure you are fully aware of all of your data protection rights. Every user is entitled to the following:

The right to access – You have the right to request Thread and Press for copies of your personal data. We may charge you a small fee for this service.

The right to rectification – You have the right to request that Thread and Press correct any information you believe is inaccurate. You also have the right to request Thread and Press to complete the information you believe is incomplete.

The right to erasure – You have the right to request that Thread and Press erase your personal data, under certain conditions.

The right to restrict processing – You have the right to request that Thread and Press restrict the processing of your personal data, under certain conditions.

The right to object to processing – You have the right to object to Thread and Press’ processing of your personal data, under certain conditions.

The right to data portability – You have the right to request that Thread and Press transfer the data that we have collected to another organization, or directly to you, under certain conditions.

If you make a request, we have one month to respond to you. If you would like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us at our email:

Or write to us: Thread and Press CIC, 34 Wold Road, Pocklington, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO42 2QG

Unsubscribing to mailing lists

If you wish to unsubscribe to our newsletter/mailing, list, you should choose the unsubscribe option which will be found on your email. You are free to unsubscribe at any time. Any technical issues should be directed to


How to contact us

If you have any questions about Our Company’s privacy policy, the data we hold on you, or you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email us at:

Or write to us at: Thread and Press CIC, 34 Wold Road, Pocklington, East Riding or Yorkshire, YO42 2QG

How to contact the appropriate authority

Should you wish to report a complaint or if you feel that Our Company has not addressed your concern in a satisfactory manner, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

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