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Easter Bunny Garland

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Hi with Easter coming up and the fact we are all staying safe at home, my children wanted to decorate the house, and we wanted to share with you our creation following on from pom-pom making.

You will need

· A pair of scissors

· Pencil

· Jars (not essential)

· A3 piece of white paper

· A4 piece of paper

· Sponge (not essential)

· Paint (not essential)

· Glue or sticky tape

Step 1: A4 paper (or any size)

Create a template for a rabbit take two pots/jars (anything round) one big enough to be the body of the rabbit and a smaller one for the head. Draw around them one next to the other one touching.

Step 2: A4 paper (or any size)

Once you have drawn the body, draw the rabbit ears free hand. Cut this out and put it to one side for later.

Step 3: Create a mixed media background on A3 paper. (or any size)

With a sponge and paint create a pattern, if you don’t have paint and a sponge create your pattern with anything i.e. pencil crayons, felt-tips, if you haven’t got any of those the rabbits look great left white.

Step 4: Template

When your paint has dried, you need the rabbit template you made earlier. Draw around the template getting as many rabbits as you can out of your patterned paper.

Step 5: Cutting

Now cut all your rabbits out carefully keeping the shape.

You now need a tail for all your rabbits (see making easy pom-pom instructions). Now glue all the bunnies’ pom-pom tails on.

Step 6: Garland

Once all your bunnies have pom-pom tails, you need a length of wool or string to create your garland. Turn the rabbits over add a little glue (or sticky tape) just under the ears and place them on the length of wool/string. Keep the rabbits evenly spaced along the wool/string and there you go an Easter garland to decorate your house.

We would love to see your Easter Bunny garlands leave a picture on the comments box.

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