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Sarah's Sewing Surgery - NEW

This is a great opportunity to get focused sewing advice in a very small group session (only two per session) with our expert pattern cutter and dressmaker teacher, Sarah. You can now book Sarah for a dedicated timeslot to work out any problems, issues or to get specialist help with your sewing. Perhaps you want help with using your machine/over-locker or perhaps you have some pattern adjustment that you need help with? Or perhaps you would just like a bit of support and guidance from a professional? Sarah has been sewing and teaching for many years and she is here to help you. You can bring your own sewing machine/over-locker or use one of ours. We also have a mannequin and other dressmaking equipment for use. Please bring your project fabrics and any other relevant resources with you. It is important that you email us to discuss your needs so that we can ensure we can help you in the session. Please note, we cannot do alterations for you in this session, but we can guide you in completing and sewing work of your choice. We also cannot fix or repair machines in this session, but we can help you to use your machine correctly. 

We currently have the following timeslots available for booking:

Allerthorpe Village Hall, nr Pocklington

Friday 19th April 2024

9.30am - 11.30am (2 hour slot) £45 per person - 2 places available

12.30pm - 2.30pm (2 hour slot) £45 per person - 2 places available

To enquire or book, please email us and state which session you are interested in and a brief description of your requirements for the session. 

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