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Secondary Schools and Colleges 

We provide a range of sessions for key stage 3, 4 and 5 pupils. We can provide skill sessions or projects to fit a theme of your choice. We are experienced teachers with extensive experience of teaching KS4 and 5 Art and Design specifications. We have knowledge and experience in delivering projects in Art, Textiles, Fine Art, Fashion, Graphic Design and Illustration and Photography. We know how ot use creative processes to generate highly effective evidence for your specific assessment criteria. We have our own equipment and resources that we can provide for your use, and we are happy to teach both students and staff how to use these safely and effectively, and we are able ot bring these to you.  We also have extensive experience in using creative software to generate digital artwork and we are happy to train staff and teach students how to best use these for their needs. Whatever your needs, we have a package that can support you. Whether you are looking to teach students how to use sewing machines or learn the process of photo-stencil screen-printing, we can help. 

As a Community Interest Company, profit is not our agenda. We aim to service our community, including schools and educational establishments. Our mission is to encourage a wider participation in the arts and to promote the arts within education. We are keen to work on community and localised art projects and we have experienced of delivering effective projects that connect schools with their local community. With successful experience in bid writing and seeking funding, we can work with schools and educational establishments to secure funding for a project that may address an agenda of you choice, from promoting wellbeing with creativity to addressing social issues with art. 

Sessions can be run as single stand alone sessions, a small group of continuing sessions or a longer term project. We are happy to discuss any ideas that you have. Here are some examples of sessions that we can deliver. 



We use photo-stencil technology to allow learners to design and create and print their own photographs or drawings. We show learners how to create artwork and we can train staff in how to create their own budget-friendly screen-printing setup.  We introduce learners to the basics of printing and can work up to larger projects in printing repeating lengths of fabrics. We provide all materials and equipment for sessions. Suitable for a CPD session or a group of sessions. 


We show learners how to use dry-point etching and block printing methods to create sophisticated reduction prints and highly-effective results. All materials and equipment can be provided. We can also show staff how to develop these techniques within their own department. This is relatively inexpensive to set up and yields good return in results for investments in equipment. We can show you how to adopt this technique on a range of budgets from small to large, 

Fashion Design and Illustration

We provide training in fashion – from mood boards and research, creative fashion illustrations, creating working and technical drawings,  basic pattern drafting and cutting to fashion construction using a sewing machine. We guide learners through the entire process and can provide short or longer projects to suit your needs. We offer a staff training package to help staff develop sustainable fashion projects that can be deleiverd to a range of age groups. We can provide sewing machines for use with small groups or can use your own machines as appropriate.

Graphic and Surface Pattern Design: Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Affinity Designer and Photo

If you have computers/laptops with Adobe or Affinity software, we can teach learners how to use this software to edit, design, draw and create professional-quality results. Such examples might be packaging design projects, fashion design and illustration, graphic poster design, layout design, digital imaging. We can tailor projects to suit the end-use or develop projects that allow for skill building. We also train staff how to use this software as part of a structured CPD package.

Graphic Design and Illustration

We can set fun and engaging illustration projects that will capture the imagination of young learners. We show learners how to use a wide range of creative methjods, and we work to the facilities, budget and resources that you can provide. We have lots of ideas for managing creative projects on a low budget. We can also work alongside literacy and English projects to illustrate narrative and we help develop exciting visuals to bring the written word to life.

Textiles/Machine embroidery

We can run session covering a wide range of textile methods from felting to printing. We also offer free-motion machine embroidery sessions for KS5 students, showing them how to create stunning artwork on a sewing machine, effectively using a sewing machine to draw. We can provide machines for this or you can use your own (subject to machine model and specification). This method of embroidery bring the sewing machine firmly into the art classroom and allows for highly sophisticated responses. 


We can introduce students to a range of skills ranging from small projects which will develop their eye and awareness of the photographic opportunities around them, to technical understanding and learning how to get more out of their cameras and phones. We also have experience of traditional darkroom techniques which will link well with the science curriculum, as well as digital, including post production editing using Apps and Adobe Photoshop.  We can also provide support to staff to set up or enhance a Photography department and how to manage this on a budget.


If you are looking to introduce 3D projects, we can introduce students and staff to a wide range of sculptural possibilities, from looking at the work of others to gain understanding, to the practical investigation of techniques and materials. We can also show you how to establish a 3D department and recommend appropriate materials and equipment.

Drawing and Mixed-Media

If you are looking for some fun, exciting and creative ways ot create art, we offer exciting drawing sessions that embrace unusual and inventive ways to create and draw. If you are a newly established department or looming to provide a new art and design offer for your establishment, we can help develop a package that will bring fun and energy to the Art and Design classroom. 

Key Stage 3

We provide a range of exciting projects and sessions for Key Stage 3 students that follow topics or themes of your choice. We can also offer well-being projects that deal with issues such as change and transition (great for Year 7), global issues such as recycling and the environment, social and mental health issues (all ages) and using art as a way to express feelings and emotions.  We are happy to work with you if you have a project that you would like to achieve. We bring all the materials and equipment you need and we are happy to work with whatever budget you have available. We can also work with you to seek funding for projects that would enhance the lives of your pupils. 


As experienced teachers ourselves, we know that time is precious. We also know how to help you to find exciting ways to adrees exam board specifications and to support the learning and wellbeing of your pupils. The sessions we provide will allow you to make the best of your resources and produce results that will help to boost department performance. Whether you are looking for a one-off advice session, a singular session or a block of sessions, we can help. 

Our sessions are priced very reasonably and we ensure that we provide knowledge of techniques and processes that are sustainable in cost. Please contact us for a price list.

We offer discounts for multiple bookings. with a small charge per head for materials (on agreement). We can provide regular sessions to suit you, and we offer a discount for multiple day bookings. We can work with smaller or larger groups, in-line with your requirements. As teachers used to working in a classroom, we are comfortable managing larger groups (although some sessions require smaller groups subject to health and safety requirements).  All our staff have teaching qualifications, industrial experience and full Enhanced DBS with appropriate training.


For more information and a no-obligation chat, please contact us

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