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We are pleased to reveal the winners of our Wildlife Art Competition. Entrants details can be found on our website here

Well done to the winners! A £30 art kit is on it's way to you.

Overall school winner was Snaith Primary School. Well done!

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Together We Sew was Community Arts Project by Thread and Press CIC and funded through the Local Connections Fund provided by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport and in Partnership with the National Lottery Community Fund. The project aim was to tackle isolation and disconnection in Hull in a friendly sewing online community.

Th project brought together residents across Hull to unite in a shared sewing activity. Each session guided the learners through the process of making either a hand-sewn bag or a machine sewn top. The sessions allowed participants to share in a creative venture and make something to be proud of.

The feedback showed us how much participants had gained from joining in with the project:

"It has been invaluable in making me feel connected to a community again, it has given more structure to my week having the zoom class to join each Wednesday afternoon as well as having something to look forward to and home work to do giving me purpose, I have felt uplifted after each session and a great sense on achievement seeing my project progress. Chatting with others in similar positions has left me feeling less isolated and more connected. I cannot stress how much this course has improved my mental health and wellbeing, I'm really grateful to have been selected to do it."

"Everyone was very friendly and we all went at our own pace, I didn’t feel like I needed to perform or keep up. It gave my week some structure and I was looking forward to my mid-week sewing!"

To find out more about the project, visit

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We are thrilled to have successfully delivered the Wish You Were Here project for residents of the East Riding of Yorkshire and was funded by the East Riding VCSE Network. The project aimed to reduce feelings of social isolation and build resilience through the use of creativity. This project was planned to run online and in-person but was transferred to fully online in response to Covid-19.

We delivered 20 sessions, all provided with kits of resources, to residents across the county. Sessions included sewing, embroidery, block printing, mixed-media and felt. These sessions were for all ages from children aged 5+ to adults. The project was extremely well received and the feedback was tremendous.

“It was so lovely to forget about everything else and just focus on being creative for a couple of hours! Both my daughter (4) and I really relaxed and got into it! It felt like a normal art class just knowing other families were doing exactly the same!”

“I booked a place on the course because I was interested in learning a new technique - I struggle with social anxiety and have to challenge myself to sign up to classes where I would be meeting new people. I found this class to be extremely relaxed and Holly was a fab teacher who was very approachable. I do think that sessions like these can help to feel connected to others - I was surprised by how much I’d missed being able to be creative amongst a small group of like-minded people.”

We were greatly encouraged that so many participants continued with creative activities after the sessions:

“The Wish You Were Here session was an opportunity to interact with other people which was very much welcomed. I have continued to draw and paint in my spare time, which is really relaxing and gives me something to focus on rather than worry about what is going on in the world, a bit of escapism.”

Artwork from the sessions was compiled onto postcards which were sent to residents across the county.

To find out more about the project, visit

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