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Who doesn't love a Pom-Pom

Hello thought I would share with you these easy to do pom-poms. My children love making these and add them to lots of creative projects. I would say this is a suitable task for 7 yrs and up, but they will need a little bit of supervision for the first pom-pom then after that they should be able to make as many as they like independently.

You will need

· A pair of scissors (need to be fairly sharp)

· A fork

· Wool

· An embroidery needle (but not essential)

Step 1: Get a fork and wool

You will need a length of wool about 60 cm long, put this between the middle of the prongs of the fork.

Step 2: Wrapping the wool

Now get the wool ball and wrap the end of the wool around the fork about 50 times.

Step 3: Tie off (this is the hard bit)

Now you need to tie the 60cm long wool onto the middle of the wrapped wool, still attached to the fork at this point. When tying the wool do a normal knot but put the wool through twice then pull it tight, take it off the fork and tie it tighter if you can (don’t snap the wool!) then tie another knot to secure the wool.

Step 4: Cutting

You need to cut all the loops you created now, try and keep to the middle of the loops when cutting as this keeps the pom-pom even. When you have cut all the loops it will start to look like a pom-pom.

Step 5: Cutting into shape

Once you have cut all the loop, it will need a little haircut, hold it flat and cut around it so it looks like a doughnut shape once trimed.

Step 6: give it a shake

Once you have cut the pom-pom into a nice shape, give it a shake and there you go an easy to do pom-pom.

Step 7: Why not make a pom-pom garland

Make as many as you want to, to make a garland thread all your pom-poms on a length of wool with an embroidery needle, evenly spacing out your pom-poms. If you don’t have a needle you could glue them to the wool to create your garland.

Step 8: Hang it in your room

You could make your pom-poms in the colours of the rainbow and make a garland to hang in your window. Stay safe!

Remember leave a comment, upload your creations we would love to see them.

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