Young Person's Wildlife Art Competition

We are thrilled to be hosting a Young Person's Wildlife Art Competition for 2021! This exciting art competition is open to all young people in the East Riding of Yorkshire aged 4 - 18. You can enter via your school or individually. A winner will be selected within each key stage 1 - 5 and will win a fantastic Art Pack worth £30, as kindly sponsored by one of our local East Riding businesses.

School entries will also be eligible to win a prize of the best school contribution, with a winning school selected and awarded a fantastic prize of a FREE school workshop with a class of pupils, worth over £200 (all materials and resources included).

This competition is open from Thursday 10th December 2020 and will close for entries at midnight on Wednesday 31st March 2021.


Young people aged 4 - 18 years can submit artwork of wildlife, using any medium of their choice. It could be paint, pencil, printing, sewing, 3D. The artwork MUST be the child's own work and must not infringe copyright rules - the artwork should not be a copy of someone else's artwork. Please read the terms and conditions for more information. 


After close of entries, winners will be selected anonymously by local wildlife artists Robert Fuller, who has kindly agreed to choose a winner for each category. The winners (and their schools if as a school entry) will be notified and awarded an Art Pack worth £30.

We at Thread and Press CIC will choose a 'best school contribution' (see terms and conditions) and they will win a school educational creative workshop for a class of pupils worth over £200! 



Artwork should be photographed at a good quality, or scanned (300 dpi minimum) and submitted to us by email at Please make sure that work is submitted with a submission form. See below:

Don't have access to Microsoft Word? The following forms open as pdf files that can be downloaded, printed and posted or scanned/photographed and sent back by email. 

Please read the terms and conditions apply, please read these below before proceeding. We can only accept one entry per individual. Entries must be from residents of the East Riding of Yorkshire or attend a school in the East Riding of Yorkshire. 


Terms and Conditions


  1. Entries must be from young people aged between 4 and 18 years of age (inclusive).

  2. Entrants must strictly be resident in the East Riding of Yorkshire or attend a school in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

  3. We can only accept one entry per individual. 

  4. School entries must be from schools in the East Riding of Yorkshire only.

  5. Entries from direct relatives of our sponsors or judges are not eligible to win a prize.

  6. Winners will be chosen anonymously by our independent judge. 

  7. A representative(s) of Thread and Press CIC will select a winner for 'best school contribution'. This will be judged on the quality of entries within that school, not on the number of entries submitted per school/class. We appreciate some schools are smaller and we do not penalise this in your submission. 

  8. Judges decisions are final.

  9. Winners will be notified by the email address that you supply.

  10. We ask that school/parent use their best judgement when/if supporting learners with this brief. Work should be clearly considered the sole work of the pupil and the school/parent must state this is true on the submission form.

  11. We store any submission data as per our Privacy Policy which you can view via our main Terms and Conditions page. We do not share your personal data with any third party.

  12. By completing the submission form, you agree to your child's name (and school name if a school entry) to be shared on our website and social media, and therefore the public domain. We will always clarify permission with schools and parents of winning children before doing this.

  13. We will also contact parents of winners and/or schools to seek permission to share a photograph of the winning child with their artwork for our website and social media, although we will always seek permission before doing this. 

  14. We take no responsibility for any copyright infringement. Please note that any artwork submitted must be the original work of the person named on the submission sheet(s) and should not be a copy of someone else's artwork. Any source images should be free to use or used with permission. Schools should take responsibility to relay this information to pupils.

  15. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash or for any other item. 

  16. The School prize can be agreed between the wining school and Thread and Press CIC. The session should be booked in within 12 months of the notification of winning. We are happy to make reasonable adjustments to fit the session into your academic calendar. We are also happy to adjust the workshop to meet the needs of your learners. We can offer a range of techniques, processes or fit with a project or theme. For more information on what we offer please see our Schools section. 

  17. We reserve the right to exclude any entries submitted that we believe to have been created outside these terms and conditions. We would always seek authentication with the school/parent if appropriate.

  18. Artwork should be photographed at a good quality, or scanned (300 dpi minimum) and submitted to us by email at Please make sure that work is submitted with a submission form. All submission forms open as Microsoft Word documents.  See below:

    • All individual entries must be submitted with a submission form this can be downloaded by clicking here or sent to you by email by requesting a competition form.

    • All school entries should be submitted by class, using our class submission form by clicking here.

  19. Any entries submitted without the appropriate submission form cannot be included. Where possible, we will contact you to seek missing information if we feel this has been omitted in error. 

  20. Entries must be received by midnight on Wednesday 31st March 2021. Decisions on winners will be made and announced within 3 weeks. 

  21. Winners will be notified in person and then announced with images of the winning entries on our website and social media. 

  22. We may share this competition on social media or via other sources, but the competition is in no way linked to or endorsed by any other platform, individual or organisation. 

  23. Our sponsors have kindly agreed to sponsor an Art Pack. We have no other professional affiliation with these organisations and we thank them kindly for their sponsorship.